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Why Money & Fame can’t buy you Happiness ?

Modern human societies have evolved in such a way that all of us have to work, and in fact, work hard at it, to earn a livelihood.

Societies do not actually care for you much. Societies only provide you a space for you to live in, a place for you to latch on to a job, give you a certain degree of social security and provide you things for daily living and certain forms of entertainment, which are essentially frivolities in the guise of pleasurable merriment. Otherwise, it’s all your job and fend for yourself. 

It is difficult to conceive of a society where, you simply laze around doing nothing, while at the end of each month, a handsome amount of money flows into your pocket for you to entertain yourself.

From here the problem begins. Our quantum of daily needs is actually not much, but we squeeze ourselves to earn as much as we can. We often stretch ourselves so much that it eventually affects our personal lives and our health.

Strangely, this is a very common human condition globally, yet we never seem to grasp the truth or make any attempts to change ourselves. As a result, there is a great deal of discontent out there and we often get so badly stressed out, that it brings in further complications, which makes us even more vulnerable.

With the rise of Consumer Culture, the social scenario along with it our personal lives, have changed beyond recognition.

Nowadays, young people are becoming affluent at a pretty young age and with a good amount disposable income in their kitty, they are leading a life of excess and extravagance. Well, it’s a personal matter, but then, there is a price attached to it. It’s only a matter of self – realization. Once you get into that kind of a life, it becomes very hard to come out of it. 

The modern world is all about temptations and most of us find it very tough to restrain ourselves. As we earn more, the desire to acquire more increases and that leads to further greediness, which in turn makes us work harder and harder to keep up with the social expectation that we have forced upon ourselves.

With increased earning, a materialistic attitude gets hold of you soon, like a devil who was chasing you all along. And once you are in it’s grip, you find yourself stuck up in an impulsive whirlpool of irresistible acquisitiveness.

The more you get dragged into it, the more insatiable you become. The truth is that our actual wants are pretty simple. But once you start complicating your life, you find yourself irretrievably trapped in a world of a strange kind of loneliness and vacuum. And when this happens, you get frustrated and depressed and finally, broken – hearted.

Once you have fallen prey to the unceasing desire for wealth and self – aggrandizement, you sooner or later, come to a state where you can neither enjoy what you already possess, nor you can extricate yourself from the overarching inclination towards material things. You very soon start believing that it’s the only Road to modern Nirvana !

We are living at a time when vaunting and bragging about oneself is a glorious past time, but in essence, the entire exercise is a self – defeatistic one. 

In our relentless chase for material acquisitions, we lose out on our inner happiness and peace. Once you reach this state, you are bound to get dissatisfied. This is precisely the point where you are actually an individual who is a wretched victim of self – estrangement. And once you reach this point you realize the blunders you have made all along and then you make vainglorious attempts towards pseudo – spirituality. But spirituality at this juncture can’t offer you much because you have already crossed the point of no – return.

So in order to save yourself from self – destruction and dejection, you will do well to stick to the following advices of mine :

1) Stop being self – seeking 

2) Cultivate moderation

3) Consume less

4) Dispose of things you don’t need

5) Do little things for the poor and deprived

6) Start practicing and advocating Responsible Living

7) Don’t over – exert yourself to earn more

8) Develop your own set of convictions about Positive Living

9) Tread the Middle Path

& 10) As I keep saying all the time : SIMPLIFY LIFE ! 

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