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otivation is a continuum and it fluctuates just like any other stuff. Well of course, motivation is the chief catalyst behind any sustained human action. But more often than not, we give importance to professional interest, work culture, workplace environment, pay packet and job security as the primary movers behind motivation.
In my experience with corporate houses and executives, I have found that there are some undisclosed factors which can disable a potential worker and make him a defunct individual. Those factors are :
1) Relationship problem
2) Conflict with the spouse
3) Sexual issues
4) Ongoing family crises
5) Distracting lifestyle
Hence, it is prudent to talk freely with the workers, allow them to ventilate, have an in – house psychotherapist who will be there twice a week to address the issues of those workers who need hearing and help and be proactively supportive of the workers’ personal problems.

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