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Life : The Entrapment (Part 1)

Right now, we are going through one of the toughest times that mankind has ever encountered. Well, I am talking about life in the time of the deadly devil in disguise called ‘Corona’. 

I thought this is the right time to pen the story which has always remained a major subject of interest ever since my school – going days.

Human life has a very characteristic pattern. We go through hardship, suffering, turmoil with ocassional spattering of happiness and delight. Life is like that only. It can’t be otherwise. Most tragically, we are choiceless, when it comes to facing problems and dilemmas in life. They are there around us all the time, either you sense it, or don’t, or may be, you go through it now or later. But the fact remains, there is no escape from this predicament. Either you accept it, or be doomed to an irreparable disintegration, which can eventually throw you into a state of misery and despair.

I am sure you are finding my words, pretty unsettling and frightening, but honestly speaking, I am not here to psyche you out. I am telling you the true story of human life as it is framed out there. There is no scraping through life without coming head to head with ‘existential crisis’. Its inescapable. 

Most of us are ignorant about the true inner story of human existence. In our day – to – day life, we often encounter stumbling blocks which smother us, we succumb to them, yet, surprisingly, we don’t try to understand the essence of life. This realization is crucial for our survival in the continual war, euphemistically called ‘Life’. If you have your intellectual arsenal equipped, well in advance, with ‘adaptive torpedoes’ and ‘cognitive missiles’, you stand a better chance to make it to the other side of the ‘rough sea’.

I am sure many of you have heard people, or may be yourself, thinking or talking like this : 

‘I don’t know what’s wrong with my life’.

‘My life is totally meaningless’.

‘I am always under some unknown fear.’

‘I have no confidence in me.’

‘I have no control over my life.’

‘I always feel so anxious and depressed.’

‘I feel so lonely.’

‘I can’t trust anyone.’

‘Everything seems so pointless ‘

‘I am full of self – doubts.’

‘I feel so demotivated.

‘I feel so exhausted from inside.’

‘I am having a feeling that I am sinking.’

‘Everything seems so uncertain.’

‘What am I exactly doing here ?’

We could keep going here. It might be unnerving, but the fact is that the list is endless !

In my next part and ongoing chapters, I am going to dissect this subject threadbare and show you what Life is all about ‘actually’.

Don’t be scared. Life is more scary than what you are going to read up here.

But let me tell you all, one very crucial thing, and that is, once you go through the entire story that I am going to write for you all, you are sure to find yourself thoroughly well – armed to fight it out in the middle and come to have a great deal of control over your wandering mind, distracting thoughts and wayward actions.

So let me take you all on a ‘Flight of Self – Discovery’ and make you ‘land’ on the ‘life runway’, which I call the ‘Invincible Empowerment’.

Happy Reading.

See you soon.

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