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Is there something wrong with us ?

We, human beings, are the only species on Earth, who has tampered with the world order which was there right from the beginning, to suit his own obsessive need and self – centric purpose. 

In a sense, the evolution of the Modern Man, followed an ill – fated pattern, though it could have been otherwise, but then, it didn’t happen that way. Whether, it was a predestination or a conscious choice He made, is hard to say. My feeling is that it was a ruinous combination of a fatalistic choice he made, which had a deterministic element in it.

The four major turning points in the scheme of things came in the form of – 1) Development of language, 2) Formation of communities, 3) Industrial Revolution & 4) Modern Technology.

From the time of Hunter – Gatherers, the evolution of Man, came to a state when his intelligence and dexterity, came heavily into play in changing the world around him. The development of language, marked the first major step towards Man’s attempt to take control over the world by way of interpersonal communication. This led to the further development of interlinked complex communities, which either fought for supremacy, or for furthering community alliances and growth. 

With the coming of communities, societies came into existence, which further led to closely linked development in the frontiers of cultural norms, ritualistic conventions and social practices.

By this time, the road was already paved for the major Industrial Revolution to take place, which when finally did happen, it revolutionized the way Modern Man perceived the world. 

Industrial Revolution was the first phenomenon in human history, which went on to prove two hitherto unknown aspects of human ability and those were – intelligence and knowledge.

Human beings soon thereafter by way of extensive use of those two powerful tools in his arsenal, galvanized the world and brought it under near total subjugation. This capacity to control the world around him, made him so valiant and aggressive that he literally transformed the very structure of the world that he inherited when he first made appearance on ‘the stage’ which was meant to be his providentially gifted home.

Industrial Revolution gave Man an enormous power like never before, and he began to wield it like an infuriated indomitable marauder, out to vanquish his enemies and detractors, who threw challenges ignorant of the lethal aggression he is capable of. He gradually went on to ‘invent’ and ‘discover’ the ‘hidden algorithms’ in the implicate world order. He slowly but steadily discovered atoms, molecules, neutrons and protons, made baffling forays into system building by developing mathematics, quantum mechanics, molecular biology, cytogenetics, uncertainty principle, relativistic physics, astronomy, artificial intelligence and what not, and began to manufacture airplanes, ships, cars, steel, houses, robots and all those things which made him feel that He is the Master of the Universe. Such was his hubris that he unflinchingly declared war after war, slaying millions of people without a speck of remorse and even hurled the most destructive weapon to be ever created by him – ‘the atom bomb’ without any compunction or aforethought !

Soon within a hundred years, Man has got into the arena of cutting edge technology which further instigated him to change the very face of the world and this time, he himself was stunned to see his latent power and his incredible creation, the miniscule ‘micro chip’.

I often have a strange but strong conviction that the unfolding of human history was both beneficial and suicidal at the same time and that the flow of events was dictated by an invisible predestined force which was meant to be ‘Frankenstein’ in disguise.

I cannot help feeling that Man had unknowingly transcended the boundary which he should have known better, that such an act of arrogant transgression would land him into inextricable troubles. 

A cursory glance at human history will show that there has always been a streak of built – in insanity within his system. His thoughts, behaviour and actions, incontrovertibly prove that there is something seriously wrong in him, inspite of ocassional gestures of tender – hearted kindness and flashes of greatness.

When I see the scale of mayhem and the degree of imbecility in Man’s thoughts and actions, I cannot but conclude that in the prehistoric past, there must have occurred some aberrant and grotesque paroxysm inside his truant brain which altered the original character of the homo sapiens for good, thus forcing him to be an incorrigible and self – deluded fool who knew no better.

If you look into the post – modern scenario, you are bound to sense a certain degree of horror and a consequent amazement with the proceedings. Those are strong pointers to the fact that the Modern Man made the tragic blunder, which seems largely beyond his control of not treading the Middle Path, even though he had the choice to do so, had he possessed the much – needed foresight and sense of proportion.

The shocking maladies of our time are the Rise of Consumer Culture, the all – pervasive Chaos, the Culture of Violence and Intolerance, Excessive Freedom and the Over – sexualization of our Culture. All of these are liable to be vicious and destructive in their effects. And mind you, the spill – overs and their fallouts are totally complete, with scarcely any scope of reconstruction.

In summary, it’s abundantly clear that Modern Man in his machinations have gone aberrant in his thinking and actions, barring a few examples where his might is uncontestable, for sure.

One cannot help feeling that Man is that unique species who creates and destroys at the same time !

And he has done a pretty remarkable job at it ! Now it’s time for us to ‘wait and watch’ !

‘When one contemplates the streak of insanity running through human history, it appears highly probable that homo sapiens is a biological freak, the result of some remarkable mistake in the evolutionary process.”

  • Arthur Koestler

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  1. Excellent write up about the inherent nature of Human (God’s best creation) , it’s just my thought.

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