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Is MOTIVATION personality – dependent?

Motivation has always been a much talked about subject in recent years.

There are three reasons behind this.

First, at a time when stress is going through the roof, holding on to motivation is a difficult task. 

Secondly, all companies have their own share of worries, when it comes to productivity and efficiency amongst their workers, hence motivation, obviously becomes a matter of crucial importance for them.

And thirdly, without motivation no one can work upwards.

There is a huge volume of work and literature related to Motivation right now and most of the studies talk about business policies, strategic thinking, change management, interpersonal skills, assertiveness skills, incentives, so and so forth. They are all, undeniably, important, but I am thoroughly convinced after having lectured all over the world for various companies and also based on my research, that personality is a very powerful tool and engine, which strongly influences motivation.

Well, all of us must accept that personality comes first and then comes your motivation, performance, proficiency and the rest. The truth is that your personality determines a lot of things about you.

Personality is just like a car engine, if it’s weak, it will limp to run a dozen mile; if it’s a powerful one, it will just fire up the car’s speed and it’s performance.

I have found that individuals with a deficient personality, invariably have poor motivation levels, whereas workers with a sturdy personality, have remarkable tenacity and are as hard as nails, as a result, they are far superior performers, irrespective of the adversities that they encounter. 

A stout personality is all you require to hold on to your nerves and deliver ‘a bouncer’ from your heavy duty and well – stocked ‘arsenal’. 

I have found that workers with a robust personality have the following traits :

– They are confident

– They are not hesitant

– They have good decision – making skills

– They can take rational risks

– They are resourceful

– They possess a substantial presence of mind

– The are firm strategists

– They are not much dependent on others

– They are sharp thinkers and able doers

– They are outspoken and don’t fumble

– They are good in delegation and execution

– They have strong leadership and team building skills 

& most importantly, they are good motivators and are themselves, very high on motivation.

So my suggestion is that all corporates, big or small, will do well, to focus on Personality Improvement of their workers. On the other hand, all executives and managers (and general individuals as well) must seriously work on their personality, if they are keen to improve their day – to – day work demands, work habits and performance delivery.

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