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With the coming of the computers, smartphones and the rest, dating is not the same as before. Gone are the days, when you bumped onto someone accidentally, or got introduced to someone through a friend of yours, and then you started seeing each other, till you made up your mind to go ahead or not. Admittedly, such a scenario, in spite of a barrage of online dating apps currently available all over, is still common, as the society has opened up a great deal and social interactions is at an all – time high.    

Online dating is interesting if you know all that you need to be aware of. Online dating can be dicey if you are not careful enough.

In my clinical practice as a Relationship Therapist, I have come across a large number of guys who had their relationships hanging by a thread as they dived into relationships, without doing the ‘homework’ that was needed after they got hold of someone on the Web. It’s equally true that, there are people who got the love of their life through online portals, but what eventually happened to those relationships, is a different story altogether.

Based on my experience while handling individuals, I list below the vital tips of online dating that you must keep in mind.

1. Online dating is convenient and gives you easy access to someone you have set your eyes on. You can go to any dating site and check out all the profiles that are out there. This effortless accessibility is certainly a big advantage.

2. One biggest advantage of online dating are the options that are available to you.  You can select from many potential profiles. Measuring up profiles is pretty simple. Just make your profile and start looking up for the ones you like. Then, contact those which you think, or I should say presume, are genuine.

3. We have left behind those days when people used to visit a bar, or a social do, for hunting down a date. Online dating has made life a tad more simple, but ironically, somewhat complicated at the same time, well unless, you don’t go over – board ! The video chat option can be useful, if you are keen to talk to your date face – to – face. So, there is quite a bit of flexibility, out there.

4. Online dating gives you the comfort level that you require. When you contact your date, you also get into conversation with your date. So, you get to know your date first as against traditional blind dating system. If you find your date interesting, you can arrange for a meeting. Well, if it doesn’t work out in your favour, then, simply get the person out of your mind. Up to this point, it might appear to be a pretty easy job, but I have found (as I had expected) that many guys find it very hard to come out of it, even though he or she is certain that the other person is not entirely desirable. So learning to ‘pull over’ at such a juncture is important.

5. It is a great feeling out there to date someone online. It’s like, you don’t know anything about the person, but still you want to know more about him or her. There you have a sense of getting to discover the new person as much as possible and up close.

6. You don’t have to do any ‘guesstimate’ about your date. So, in a way there is no apprehension in your mind about the date. Everything is transparent and clear in online dating.

7. You can find anything about your online date on Facebook and Google. Yes, you can get any brand of information you want from these sites. So, this is actually an advantage because you get to know a great deal.

Now, comes the crucial words of caution :

# Be very careful and cautious when you are about to zero in on someone. #Take your time to come to a well – informed judicious decision.

#Take your time.  

#Use your intellect, instead of emotions, and should I say, feelings of instant lust, when you are ‘considering, someone.

#Don’t get into deceptive dealings with anyone.

#Be respectful in the entire drill.

#Follow the implicit code of conduct which is warranted of you. So you are well – equipped now. Go for it then. Hold on…hold on for a sec. Don’t rush up things and don’t run for your laptop or mobile immediately.     

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