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Do people take advantage of you ?

Human beings, are a very shrewd breed of a species. On the one hand, they can be generous to the hilt, on the other hand, they can be so viciously cunning, that you can get swindled without you ever realizing it.

Behaviour defines human beings. If you are reasonably observant, you will get sufficient clues to ‘get a hang’ of an individual to a large extent. Not everyone has that ability to gauge a person’s intent. It demands certain perceptivity and astuteness.

Human behaviour is largely purpose – driven, meaning that if someone behaved the way he or she did, it was because, the person had a particular motive behind the action.

Many of us have seen how people take advantage of others, whether it be, by living on someone else’s shoulder, or, by getting a job done by fooling you with guile and sweet words. There are many amongst us who are victims of ‘cunning artwork’ of others. I have found that people who have been beguiled, are the ones who either cannot say ‘No’ or are somewhat gullible as individuals.          

If someone is ‘taking advantage’ of you, then, there is bound to be certain ‘tactical ploy’ or some reason behind it. Here are the common modus operandi of people who take advantage of others:    

# Gullibility : Cracking your vulnerability by way of ‘sugar – coated’ behaviour, forcing you to ‘give in’ finally.

# Manipulation : This is a very common way of hoodwinking people. And when it happens, the victim is often caught ‘off – guard’.

# Seduction :  This is again an age – old way of ‘using’ someone, employed mostly by women, with their spell and appeal, and playing on someone’s need for self – worth.

# Lying : Coming up with barefaced lies and prevarication.

# Denial : Refusing to confess what someone has said or done, which can trigger self – doubt in you.

# Mollycoddling : Here someone too clever for your imagination, will dandle and over – indulge on your whims and fancies, so that finally you are ‘taken in’.

# Cold – shouldering : Purposely ignoring your communication efforts, requests, texts, or e-mails.

# Tuning out : In such a scenario, when asked a question or an explanation, the person will change the subject and look the other way round.

# Remorse : Capitalizing on your scruples and principles to gain control over you.

# Humiliation : Belittling you by using sarcastic remarks and overt ridicule to make you feel so blotted that you finally give in to that person’s machinations. 

# Feigned self – victimization :  Using hyperbolical remarks about their hardships and problems, to make you feel bad for them, so that they ‘get hold’ of you fully.

# Pretentions : Deliberate naive behaviour, as if they do not know what you are talking about, which can make you feel sceptical and perplexed about your own thoughts and actions.

Keep all these riders in your mind. And if you do so, you can prevent yourself getting fooled by some ‘human fox’ who is a master of ‘leverage attack’!

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