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Corona Scenario : How to tackle certain issues

Corona Virus has already routed the entire world, unleashing it’s awesome fury with an unmatched clinical precision and has sent the entire world packing.

It’s there for everyone to see. 

The mayhem is so severe that it has got the whole humanity running for cover.

The effects are readily apparent too.

The whole world has been forced into a choiceless shutdown with perilous repurcussions. 

Economy, both global and regional are badly hit, fear is running riot, panic is all over the place, the possibility of massive job cuts seems to be on the cards, food production is badly affected, future looks uncertain and the post – Corona phase grim. 

Given the picture like this, we must take a vow to resurrect the world with hope, solidarity and untiring efforts.

History shows that when a major catastrophe strikes, whether it be due to a war, or, pestilence or an earthquake, the entire world goes into a state of total disarray for a long while, and it takes a good amount of time for the mankind to get back to it’s feet and regain stability.

However, there is something unique about this Corona Outbreak and that is, it has affected and uprooted the entire World Order. 

This is the first time in human history that the whole world has been brought to a total standstill, that too, single – handedly, by an invisible miniscule monster vermin.

No debacle lasts forever, but what are crucial is how extensive the damage is and how humanity is reacting to it.

One thing is for sure in context to the Corona Episode; that is the destruction has been gut – wrenching and the effects critical and far – reaching. It’s not a minor matter, when then whole world is forced into a complete shutdown for months together.

In a scenario like this, we need to have a stratagem in our mind in advance to counteract the demolition effects of the Corona wreckage, once the storm is over.

First, is that, all nations should forget their differences and come together united fully equipped to combat the massacre and extend all kind of support.

Secondly, each and every nation should do their best to resuscitate the economy, ensure essential supplies, provide adequate medical support, revamp the job sector and rebuild the nation as fast as possible. It’s a difficult task but we have no other choice. Do we ?

Thirdly, we as civilians must do our bit too, wherever it’s necessary and help each other through collective effort. 

Fourthly, all of us must hold on to our nerves and settle down into a life of normalcy as soon as possible.

Fifthly, the business houses and the corporates should evolve an empathetic and humanitarian attitude towards their workers and try avoiding job cuts, salary slashes and hard – hearted behaviour, as far as practicable.

Sixthly, we all must summon up our courage and internal resources to cope up with the grievous damages to our own life, family and career.

And last but not least, in the post – Corona phase, our mental health in particular, is going to be badly affected, so it is going to be extremely important to take care of ourselves, be strong and if need be, seek the help of mental health professionals.

You all will do well to remember here and now that ‘Mental Health Matters’ and let me tell you, it does matter !

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