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Can Relationship Problems cause Existential Crisis ?

Existential Crisis, as I have already discussed in the previous chapter, is a troublesome situation which can develop by the very human condition of existence. 

Unhappiness, we all know, can grow out of dissatisfaction about one’s life, job, financial state and problem situations. Similarly, relationship can also trigger a state of despair and disenchantment.

Relationships form and constitute the vital backbone of our personal lives. Relationships give meaning to our very state of being. Individuals who are staying alone, or are out of relationship, are known to feel lonely and deprived.

Relationships are important because, we, need someone to give us company and stay by our side to provide strength and camaraderie.

We all need to be in some intimate relationship at some point of our lives and that necessity comes spontaneously. If you force yourself into a relationship, it may either backfire, or it may bring in personal displeasure as you are always conscious of the fact that you were unprepared for the level of commitment and responsibility, that were demanded of you.

Relationships are pretty easy to forge, but very difficult to sustain. And this fact is of inarguable importance.

You will see that there are uncountable people around you who are in relationships. But the question is – Are all of those relationships doing well ? 

For this question, I will give you two answers. First, is that it is pretty difficult for an outsider to gauge how good or bad a relationship is. The second answer is : there are good ones and there are bad ones.

A good relationship, if you happen to be in one, you are certain to find a few ‘vital ingredients’ which are out there, such as love, care, concern, involvement, trust, responsibility and transparency. 

Personally, I have seen thousands of relationships where all those recipes are there, but somehow, the relationships are not working.

In some later chapter, and also in a book of mine, which is to be released soon, I am going dissect relationship from all possible and ‘improbable’ angles.

When a relationship fumbles or runs into rough weather, it can cause immense pain and agony to both the partners; well, subject to the degree of each of the partner’s involvement.

However, a bad or a dysfunctional relationship is notoriously affective in it’s impact on both the partners. I have personally found that’s women are more grievously affected if they happen to be in a difficult relationship or marriage. Men on the other hand, by virtue of their unemotional nature, are less perturbed by a problem marriage, though there are certain exceptions.

In a nutshell, relationship problems not only put a painful smudge on one’s emotions and feelings, it can also make a man or a woman, thoroughly aggrieved and hurt from inside, which can lead to a state of meaninglessness and self – estrangement. 

And that’s precisely, why a disturbed relationship precipitates into an Existential Crisis, which eventually takes the shape of a crippling sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

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