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Is there something wrong with us ?

We, human beings, are the only species on Earth, who has tampered with the world order which was there right from the beginning, to suit his own obsessive need and self – centric purpose.  In a sense, the evolution of the Modern Man, followed an ill – fated pattern, though it could have been otherwise, […]

Why Money & Fame can’t buy you Happiness ?

Modern human societies have evolved in such a way that all of us have to work, and in fact, work hard at it, to earn a livelihood. Societies do not actually care for you much. Societies only provide you a space for you to live in, a place for you to latch on to a job, […]

Life : The Entrapment (Part 1)

Right now, we are going through one of the toughest times that mankind has ever encountered. Well, I am talking about life in the time of the deadly devil in disguise called ‘Corona’.  I thought this is the right time to pen the story which has always remained a major subject of interest ever since […]