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What is Resignation Syndrome ?

Resignation syndrome is a psychological condition which is currently being seen in relation to Covid 19 immigration detention. It has even previously known to have affected kids and young children in detention centres and refugee camps, who went on to develop symptoms of general withdrawal, food refusal and in extreme cases, manifesting catatonic symptoms, or […]

Do people take advantage of you ?

Human beings, are a very shrewd breed of a species. On the one hand, they can be generous to the hilt, on the other hand, they can be so viciously cunning, that you can get swindled without you ever realizing it. Behaviour defines human beings. If you are reasonably observant, you will get sufficient clues […]


With the coming of the computers, smartphones and the rest, dating is not the same as before. Gone are the days, when you bumped onto someone accidentally, or got introduced to someone through a friend of yours, and then you started seeing each other, till you made up your mind to go ahead or not. […]

Is there something wrong with us ?

We, human beings, are the only species on Earth, who has tampered with the world order which was there right from the beginning, to suit his own obsessive need and self – centric purpose.  In a sense, the evolution of the Modern Man, followed an ill – fated pattern, though it could have been otherwise, […]

Can personal factors affect employee motivation and work performance ?

Oh Yes ! Certainly !  My experience with the big business houses along with my interaction with corporate as well as general clients seeking consultation in my clinic, show that though the Management generally keep a close watch (at times too cursorily) on the workers morale and efficiency aspects, they often tend to ignore the […]

Why Money & Fame can’t buy you Happiness ?

Modern human societies have evolved in such a way that all of us have to work, and in fact, work hard at it, to earn a livelihood. Societies do not actually care for you much. Societies only provide you a space for you to live in, a place for you to latch on to a job, […]

Can Relationship Problems cause Existential Crisis ?

Existential Crisis, as I have already discussed in the previous chapter, is a troublesome situation which can develop by the very human condition of existence.  Unhappiness, we all know, can grow out of dissatisfaction about one’s life, job, financial state and problem situations. Similarly, relationship can also trigger a state of despair and disenchantment. Relationships […]

Corona Scenario : How to tackle certain issues

Corona Virus has already routed the entire world, unleashing it’s awesome fury with an unmatched clinical precision and has sent the entire world packing. It’s there for everyone to see.  The mayhem is so severe that it has got the whole humanity running for cover. The effects are readily apparent too. The whole world has […]

Is MOTIVATION personality – dependent?

Motivation has always been a much talked about subject in recent years. There are three reasons behind this. First, at a time when stress is going through the roof, holding on to motivation is a difficult task.  Secondly, all companies have their own share of worries, when it comes to productivity and efficiency amongst their workers, hence […]